MI Bridges — Get The Benefits You Need Online

MI Bridges is a web portal for clients and community partners to access MDHHS programs.


The MI Bridges Self-Application System provides secure access to Michigan Department of Health and Human Services benefit applications on the internet 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The following functionality is available to the public on MI Bridges:

  • Michigan Residents can apply for:
  • Benefit Recipients can:
    • Check application status
    • Check benefit amounts
    • View MDHHS notices and correspondence
    • Grant viewing permissions to any case member
    • View upcoming appointments
    • Sign-up to receive emails and text message notifications
    • Report status changes
    • View 2 month benefit history
    • Upload required documents
    • Renew benefits/complete redeterminations

PLEASE NOTE: All MI Bridges users must create a username and password.
It is very important for MI Bridges users to keep their username and password private and in a safe place.